Loose Lips
Publication Design

Loose Lips is a collection of unique perspectives, in the form of a publication, that unify the unspoken complications of what having a vulva is like, through the means of storytelling and visual expression.


Loose Lips was created with the hopes of dissolving the discomfort many of us experience when talking about gynecological anatomy and pleasure. Regardless of identity, having a vulva inevitably comes with baggage. 

Nearly every visual asset included in this publication is associated with the topic of gynecological pleasure, and incorporates compositions that were submitted by participants by demonstrating their personal perspectives centered around this topic. 


Our group focused on the practice of acknowledgment to better understand experiences beyond cis and heteronormative values by introducing material that didn't assume the relationships our audience shared with their bodies. This furthered our understanding of how genitalia functions and offers us pleasure. 

The formatting for our content was created around the book's gutter. We wanted to emphasize the concept of "opening up" to a vulnerable subject, by creating a space that held the vulnerability our participants shared with us. 


Amongst 400 anonymous individuals that we surveyed during our research, nearly 60% could not identify any or all parts to the vulva. Each publication included a mirror that would offer our audience the opportunity to acknowledge themselves within their own time. 


Our goal was to understand why many of us felt uncomfortable having these conversations and sharing stories about gynecological pleasure. It was important to us to challenge ourselves and others to feel comfortable talking about the uncomfortable.

I created illustrations of abstracted motifs that alluded to pleasure and used bright, primary colors that weren't associated with one gender. The grainy, blurred illustration style represents many of the common misunderstandings surrounding gynecological anatomy and pleasure. 


Loose Lips was riso-printed at Cold Cube press in downtown Seattle. Our team sold and packaged over 60 copies of Loose Lips during the University of Washington's Online Senior Design Showcase, raising nearly $500 for the Trans Women of Color Collective. 


Project Details

Editoral Design

Logomark Design

10 Weeks
June 2020

7.5" x 9.5" Publication
64 Pages
Tri-colored Print

Maggie Horton
Maya Flood